Arnav Rastogi is a freshman at Boston College. He is an avid Saints fan and a huge football fanatic who loves to express his bold opinions on the state of the game. Arnav's studious nature and keen eye in the film room combined with his outgoing attitude creates for some must-hear opinions. He used to be the captain of his high school, West Windsor-Plainsboro High School South, fencing team and loves to draw parallels between the two sports.
Satvik Srinivas is a freshman at Rutgers University. Satvik is a diehard Eagles fan. He is a football junkie who appreciates the nuances of the game. He prides himself in striving to continuously improve, expand and express his knowledge of the sport. Satvik shares his opinions and analysis on the NFL in his blog, NFL Playbook, which you can find below. He also used to play for his high school, West Windsor-Plainsboro United, football team.